Performance and Video Artist

My Perfect Man


It had always been my dream to share my life with a man who provided for me physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Finding this man was very difficult, so I decided to create my own inanimate man who has all these qualities.

I made ‘Som Chai’ not only as a companion, but also as a way of dealing with family and friends’ expectations that I should meet someone. They believed that I would feel more fulfilled and happy once I was partnered.

While making my Som Chai, I wondered: Do we define ourselves through our partner?  Does our partner reflect our self-worth?  How much importance do we place on external factors like looks and wealth? Also, is it possible for an inanimate doll-man to replace our need for a flesh and blood human-man?

After I made Som Chai, I realised I didn’t need a real man anymore. My friends thought he was funny, and they stopped pushing me to meet someone. I could finally relax. I wasn’t a wall-flower anymore. Som Chai fulfilled all my needs, kept me company, held my hand, and made me happy.


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