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Miss World Peace in the Middle East (Part 1)

‘Miss World Peace in the Middle East’ presents my alter ego ‘Miss World Peace’. However, she isn’t young and sexy, but old and worn-out, yet still determined.
My job, as Miss World Peace, was to spread good will and hope to people everywhere with kind words and positive gestures. I did this from 2009 till 2014. My first appearance as Miss World Peace was in Melbourne during anti-Israel protests and subsequent appearances included Thailand and former concentration camps in Europe.

While I was living in Israel for several months, I became intrigued and concerned by the politics there. So I put on my formal gown, tiara and sash with the words ‘Miss World Peace’ in English, Hebrew and Arabic. I carried the Israeli and Palestinian flags in each hand, and embarked on a ‘peace dialogue’ with ordinary people I encountered along the way. My mission took me to Tel Aviv – to Palestinian and Israeli protests, to the Old City in Jerusalem and the markets, to Palestinian villages, and bus terminals where Israeli soldiers take their buses back to their posts – some to the Palestinian front, some to other remote and isolated locations. There was no way of telling whether the people I engaged with would go along with my self-appointed mission or if they would lay the harsh political truth on me. Despite the absurdity, I persisted and persevered, questioned and encouraged in my quest for ‘Peace in the Middle East’.


Miss World Peace in Jerusalem

The Wailing Wall

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Miss World Peace in Tel Aviv

Future Ms World Peace (Mia, my granddaughter)

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Peace Negotiations

Gentlemen, I believe we can work this out

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The Next Generation

We can make it work together!

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Al Wallajah


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Miss World Peace attends Protests for Peace


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The Scarecrow

Fluttering with hope

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