Performance and Video Artist


A number of years ago I went back to uni to study Fine Art.
In my final year I was sitting at my desk trying to think of a good idea.
But I was stuck. I was stuck because of one recurring thought – ‘The JEW’.
But I thought: ‘I can’t possibly do work on the Jew’ – it’s too difficult, too uncomfortable, too political and too personal.
And the thought of it made me cringe.
But there was no other topic that felt more urgent or relevant.

So I made this t-shirt and wore it around the neighbourhood.

I wanted to understand why this word did make me cringe, why it felt so heavy, so loaded, and so scary.
And why it troubled me and made me feel unsafe.


The Way To The Gas…

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‘But you don’t look Jewish…’

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I Didn’t Kill Jesus

I didn't kill Jesus
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The Man in the Mirror

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The Wall

1. Victim
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Prejudice: The Final Act

The Family 1939.....
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