Performance and Video Artist


Desire needs to be learned, and once learned,

It leads to the finding of Scapegoats

…And what do we do with Scapegoats ?

We sacrifice them.


– Rene Girard


To really feel the weight of the word Jew, I added some accessories that epitomise the stereotype of the Jew. I made a nice hooked nose and I wore some devil’s horns (because some people believe that The Jew is ‘the devil’). I made some money bags (because others believe that The Jew or the ‘Jewish lobby’ controls the world’).

I wore some scapegoat horns because Jews have been picked on through the ages when times get tough for everyone else. And I carried a little bottle of blood – because of the belief that Jews used to kill little Christian kids and use their blood to make Matzoh for Pesach.